This is MyBetterJourney.

Success is a journey. Not a destination.
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Work Anywhere

Convenient tools built for mobile and desktop. It goes wherever you go.

Stay Focused

See the work that needs to be done with reminders and lists.

Grow Your Business

Set goals to motivate and perform consistently.

Build Meaningful Relationships

Use activity history to stay in tune with the conversations you’ve had with people.

Stay Organized

Keep your Prospects, PCs, Consultants, Assets and Integrations all in one place.

Supercharge Social Media

Access your business from within social platforms such as Facebook on a computer.


Stay Organized

MyBetterJourney does the work for you, so you don’t have to try to remember hundreds of conversations. When you talk to a prospect or customer, create an activity so you can later recall your conversation. Set a specific follow up date, or let MyBetterJourney set one for you based on the frequency setting you have selected for that person. When the time comes, MyBetterJourney will remind you that it is time to follow up! Easy peasy.

You also have the ability to create tasks you want to accomplish in the future, set replenishment date reminders, save your own frequently used messages or emails to copy and paste into a new message, and set monthly and daily goals to motivate yourself to perform consistent income producing activity.


Supercharged Social Media

MyBetterJourney integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter using our Google Chrome extension. The integrations help you upload your contacts into MyBetterJourney, and then easily switch between a contact’s MyBetterJourney and social media profiles . Further, our Facebook panel allows you to access MyBetterJourney without ever leaving Facebook! You’re already in Facebook, why not get paid for it?